Why a Website?


And what we can
do for you!

To quote Deborah Meaden from Dragon’s Den: ‘If you’re in business, you need a website!’


Whatever your business, a website makes your you look professional. It is a shop window or even a shop, that is open 24 hours a day. You can show any certificates or awards that you hold, plus it gives you more credibility than a simple social media profile. A website isn’t a cost – it’s an investment!


A website is a great way of attracting new customers. If you take a full page advert in a local newspaper, your one day visibility will cost more than having your website built and maintained for a year. Put the address on your business cards and any vehicles that you run. It is the cheapest and most effective way of getting your business known. Even if you get most of your business through referrals, a website allows any potential customer to see what you do and where you do it. You can publish reviews and testimonials, creating a permanent archive for someone who might have missed that one time media review.


JayKay Designs have a wealth of experience in creating a custom built site that captures attention. We discuss everything from site design, colour preferences, and branding. We then build the site and give you a link to view the work, allowing you to make any revisions.


We build sites that showcase your business and also sites that let you take bookings for services you provide. We can set up a shopping site for you, To keep costs down we will add some of your sales items and then give you full access with comprehensive instructions and backup to add as many products as you require. We help you with marketing to drive your business forward.


Hopefully, you’re convinced that the question isn’t ‘Do I need a website?’ But ‘Can I afford not to have a website in this digital era?’

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